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There are many reasons to choose a tankless water heater over a standard, old fashioned, tank water heater. Often called and on-demand or even an instantaneous water heats, a Rheem tankless water heater can reduce energy costs by 30 to 50%. A traditional water heater works by heating and maintaining heated a large quantity of water, 30 to 50 gallons, which is stored in a large metal tank that is insulated. These tanks can be of varying sizes depending on the hot water usage of the homeowners. This water is maintained hot throughout the day and night, even when the family is out of the home, or on vacation.

Conversely, this product will only turn on when water begins to flow through the unit, or only in the exact moment that hot water is needed in the home. A typical tankless water heater can provide 2 to 5 gallons or roughly 7 to 15 liters of water per minute, every minute, without a recovery period. Compare it to leaving a car running, waiting for someone to drive it, 24 hours a day, or just starting the car when ready to drive. Imagine the difference spent over one year in gasoline? Although, the initial cost of installing a tankless water heater can be higher than a traditional tank-style water heater, the average homeowner can expect to recuperate those costs in energy savings within the first 3 to 5 years. Additionally, tankless models are known to last, with a life expectancy of up to 20 years, where a tank-style model may need to be replaced within 10 to 15 years.

Hansen Plumbing offers top quality Rheem tankless water heaters for the home. Choosing a Rheem tankless model can offer the homeowner additional benefits, over other tankless brands. For example, Hansen Plumbing offers Rheem models that can offer up to 9 gallons of hot water per minute, ideal for larger families who may have two or three showers or bathtubs demanding hot water at the same moment. Rheem models are small and elegant, easily mounted and installed. They also are built with durable stainless steel heat exchangers that prevent heat loss and offer a 94% thermal efficiency, meaning the area near the unit stays cool and the water reaches its final destination with less lost temperature. These factors can increase your energy savings and assure your satisfaction. Contact Hansen Heating and Cooling today, to find the Rheem tankless water heater solution to satisfy your home and family needs.


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