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A boiler is designed to heat water to a temperature just below the actual boiling point, then send this heated water through a myriad of installed pipework to heat the home or industrial building. In the past these units were large, very large, occupying an entire room in your home or business, thus leading to the term ¨the boiler room¨. In contrast, the Munchkin Boiler is the smallest and most efficient boiler available in the North American market today. In addition to being small, available in a low profile floor model or wall mount model, designed to fit into the residence without overwhelming space consumption, it offers unique energy efficient, money saving features.

The Munchkin Boiler models available at Hansen Plumbing have a return water thermostat that measures the temperature of the water flow returning from a room to calculate the minimum energy required to reheat that same water, mixed with preheated supply water to send it back rapidly to the room to satisfy to the requested temperature needs. This keeps the boiler from firing every time there is a demand. An integrated gas valve also controls the amount of fuel needed depending upon a complex algorithm of temperature measurements within the system. All designed to afford greater energy efficiency and reduced operational costs to the homeowner.

With top quality, stainless steel construction, the Munchkin Boiler is designed to last and last. Offering an industry impressive 12 year guarantee. Rest assured that each unit is thoroughly inspected to meet with 100% customer satisfaction. The Munchkin Boiler is an environmentally friendly option as well with a fully sealed combustion system. High efficiency, ease of use, state of the art controls, whisper quiet operation and low supply temperature, along with many other features makes the Munchkin Boiler a great option for your home.

Hansen Plumbing has the Munchkin Boiler option to meet your residential home owner needs. Visit us online or in our showroom, today.


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