Furnace Problems|Furnace Repair|Furnace CalgaryThere are numerous reasons as to why your home heating system needs to be repaired and checked on regularly. Having an idea of what some of these problems are, can help you work on ways of preventing them. After all prevention is said to be better than cure. Below are five of the most common furnace problems.

  • Thermostat issues

If the thermostat is not working correctly there will be no heat, no fan spinning, and you will definitely be very uncomfortable. The first thing to do would be to check for the battery, if there is need for replacement ensure you replace it with the required battery. Secondly check if the power supply is in good condition.

If both the battery and power supply are in good condition, then your thermostat needs to be replaced.

  • Clogged or dirty filters

Prolonged life and proper functioning of your furnace depends a lot on how the filters are cared for. The major Indicator of a dirty or clogged filter is restricted airflow. Due to this you will experience lots of discomfort. Most manufacturers advise that the furnace be cleaned or replaced once a month.

  • Look out for ignition control and pilot control issues

If you are experiencing intermittent or no heating at all then your furnace electrical ignition control could be malfunctioning. Most modern furnaces work with either a hot surface or an intermittent pilot ignition. Depending on the type of ignition system you have, always be ready to call a service technician when things are not going on as usual.

  • Mechanical wear and tear

Your furnace is made up of numerous mechanical parts such as the belts and bearing. After a given time of use, these parts may get worn out. Wear and tear cause overheating, poor heating control, as well as issues with the flow of air from fan motors.

  • Furnace produces too much noise

Sounds such as rumbling, rattling and squeaks are not normal. They could actually indicate a mechanical problem with your home heating system. Squeaks could indicate a motor failure while rumbling and rattling can be due to an unbalanced blower wheel.

Note that lack of proper and regular maintenance could also give your furnace problems. Also be very careful when handling your furnace. There are some issues that you can just sort out on your own while others might require the intervention of a professional. If you choose to replace the thermostat, just ensure you get one that matches the furnace.