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Plumbing Emergencies and How to Fix Them

Damaged pipes, gas leaks and clogged drains are some of the most commonly experienced emergency plumbing situations that homeowners summon emergency plumbers for. However, some of these plumbing emergencies can be prevented right from the start eliminating the need to call the experts. Reports from emergency plumbers indicate that plumbing negligence is the main cause of stubborn obstructions in defective pipes and drains. Plumbing system needs regular maintenance just like any other system in order to keep plumbing fixtures in excellent condition and prevent emergency situations.

The following are some of the common plumbing emergencies and how to fix them:

-Burst Pipe: Burst pipes can cause flooding. To prevent this one should locate the main shut-off valve and close it until the emergency plumber arrives. This will close water supply to the plumbing fixtures and hence prevent flooding.

-Blocked Toilets and Drains: In case of blocked drains, plumber’s snake or plungers can be used to lift the obstruction. Such a plumbing emergency can be prevented by use of strainers.

-Leaky Plumbing Fixture: A leaky plumbing fixture is another plumbing trouble that will need to be attended soonest possible. One should identify the shut-off valve singular to the leaky fixture and close it. The fixture’s trap should be checked for any debris, hair or food particles. For effective repair a local emergency plumber should be contacted.

-Frozen Pipes: When water flowing through the pipes freezes, it expands and may burst the pipes. In such a situation the main shut-off valve should be closed. If the pipe has not burst yet, hot water bottles may be used to thaw it from the end of the pipe closest to the tap. This procedure should be done gently and use of naked flames should not be used in order to prevent water thermal expansion which too can split the pipe.

Major plumbing issues should be done only by an expert. This is to ensure that the current plumbing emergency is not worsened.


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