Furnace tips|furnace repair|furnace CalgaryPeople who are having a modern furnace in their home will have a common question arising in them, that is, should a modern furnace need to be turned off in the summer?

For most people, turning off the furnace, whether it is an older or a modern one, in summer is usual. An individual might be capable of cutting his/her energy bills by switching off the furnace and counting on other resources for the hot water, but this depends upon the home and lifestyle of the individual. Furthermore, turning off the modern furnaces during the summer may lengthen the life of some parts of the furnace.

If a home is installed with a modern furnace, particularly one with a constantly burning pilot light, it may be worth turning off the appliance during the summer months when it is not used. This is because the pump and the diverter tap in the appliance that circulates the liquid surrounding the radiators and to the boiling water cistern can turn out to be stiffened up. If this occurs, they could stop working when the appliance is finally turned on during the autumn.

If an individual is not going to be in home, it is better to turn the furnace off, as well as the major gas valve to the home and the water main, except exercised for automatic sprinklers in low-water-scarcity states.

Usually, during the summer months, most people do not use their furnace to heat their home, so it is better and safe to shut it off. Though some people may not consider it, the furnace will still consume natural gas, propane, which they never use during the summer, although they are not using their heating appliance at all. However, the furnace will also consume electrical energy while it is not in use. There are some electronic sensors and valves in the appliance that will consume electrical energy 24 x 7 on the appliance even when it is not being exploited.

So, the best answer for the question, should a modern furnace need to be turned off in the summer, the answer is “YES”.