Furnace Repair | Heating Services CalgaryFurnace repair should be done by an HVAC expert. On the other hand, minor problems can be fixed at home by a person with little or no experience. He or she can troubleshoot and repair a number of furnace issues without the help of a professional. One should not panic because the furnace is not running smoothly or stopped operating completely. This problem can be caused by dirty air filters or even lack of charge, especially in programmable thermostat. Here are the top three furnace problems and how to fix them.
Furnace not producing enough heat
This problem is associated with dirty air filters from pet dander and other debris that are known to block the flow of heated air originating from the furnace. If this happens, the furnace will not be able to deliver adequate heated air to maintain the heat in the house. However, this issue is easy and simple to repair. Look for a talented furnace repair expert to replace the filter every three months, based on the usage of the system.

A leaky air tube is another cause of inadequate heat in the home. When the pipe is cracked, it allows hot air to escape from the furnace. Call furnace specialist to seal all leaks in order to ensure that the furnace is providing enough heat.

Energy bills are high in winter

If an individual fail to maintain his or her furnace, then he or she will have to pay for additional energy bills during winter. Simply because the furnace is running doesn’t imply that it is working as expected. It is important to repair furnaces in order to lower energy bills. A professional should check the furnace once a year to make sure that it is in good shape. Frequent checking and repair of home appliances lessen the likelihood for expensive repairs in the future.

Furnace is not heating

Check the thermostat to make sure that it is set correctly. The thermostat should be switched to “heat” and the temperature set must be higher than the room temperature. In addition, make sure that the the fan is put to “auto”. Check the circuit breaker to ensure that it is in place. It may be blown or tripped. For this reason, the furnace will not produce heat at all. Call an expert to fix these problems or try to fix them at home. However, one should not try to fix the pilot light because it is totally unsafe. Find a reputable furnace repair to handle the issue.