Furnaces Calgary | Furnace Sales CalgaryFurnaces are some of the most common heating systems in homes. Apart from ensuring the comfort of people during the cold days, they can increase or maintain property value. These systems are available on the market in several options with different methods of operation. As such, a homeowner looking to buy one should weigh in a couple of factors to find the right unit for their home. Here’s a look at the various types of furnaces in Calgary.

  1. Single stage furnace

Sometimes referred to as a single speed furnace, the single stage furnace has maximum output as the only stage of heat output. The system is either on or off, continually dispersing the highest possible amount of heat regardless of the conditions (especially temperature) outdoors or in particular areas of a home. Since the unit disperses the maximum amount of heat it can every time it turns on, homeowners may incur high energy costs especially during the cold seasons. This type of furnace may also not offer a consistent comfort level.

  1. Two stage furnace

The two stage furnace comes with a second speed (lower speed) which allows it to operate much more energy efficiently than the single stage option. In most cases , a lower setting is enough to supply heat and keep people comfortable , and typically runs at 65% of the system’s full capacity .When temperatures outside become very cold and the lower speed is cannot provide enough heat , the higher speed kicks on to meet the increased heat requirements and ensure an acceptable comfort level. Two stage furnaces are much quieter and tend to emit less carbon dioxide to the environment.

  1. Variable speed furnace

Homeowners can also consider the variable speed furnace which, unlike other options, doesn’t refer to the stages the system goes through to disperse heat. It comes with a variable fan motor that moves at different speeds to regulate the amount of air circulated throughout a home. With improved airflow, one can enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment and better air quality. These types of furnaces in Calgary can also help minimize energy consumption thanks to the advanced control on airflow ─ it eliminates the number of times the unit turns “on” since air is constantly distributed.

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