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Tired of waiting for the water to turn hot enough to take a shower? Worried about the amount of water wasted while you keep testing the temperature with just your hand? Hansen Plumbing has the solution. Grundfos Comfort PM Auto, is a hot water recirculation pump that when attached to your hot water tank, circulates the hot water throughout your home so that it is rapidly available at every tap and shower faucet.

The distance between you home hot water tank and each hot water demand location, such as showers, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms, determines the typical wait time for hot water. You turn on the tap and first flow out the cooled water that was reserved in the pipes between the walls and then, after traveling the distance of those pipe, finally arrives the hot water from the hot water tank. Thus, the furthest bathroom has the longest wait for hot water, and the largest amount of wasted water.

Environmentally, water conservation is important for our future. Economically, every gallon wasted is still recorded on your water bill monthly. The Grundfos Comfort PM Auto hot water recirculation pump is designed to eliminate the wait for hot water and to reduce the environmental and economical impact. The recirculation pump has a low noise permanent magnet motor which requires very little electricity to operate and due to the autoadapt function, the motor only runs at peak times of hot water needs based on patterns of home consumption.

Imagine stepping into the shower and instantly having the correct temperature the moment you open the tap. Call Hansen Plumbing today to learn more about the Grundfos Comfort PM Auto hot water recirculation pump, and to schedule a professional installation.

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