02 Jun 2015
Hansen Plumbing Calgary Hospice Calgary

For the month of May 2012, our charity of choice this month is :


$10.00 from every invoice will be set aside to be tallied at the end of May. Check back on our website to see how much we donated.

Hospice Calgary offers a complete a range of services for those who are dying and grieving through our two centres of care: Rosedale Hospice and the Counselling & Education Centre.

At our Counselling & Education Centre, and out in the community, our counsellors work with children, teens and families while they grieve the loss of a loved one. We offer Kid’s Club and Dream Catchers, which are two unique programs in Calgary. Both are group programs for families with children aged 5 –12 and teens aged 13–18 respectively, and are designed to restore family wellness following a death. We also offer specialized counselling for individuals with a palliative diagnosis and their families, or families coping with loss due to illness, accidental death, or suicide. Rosedale Hospice is a 7 bed 24-hour palliative care facility for patients terminally ill with cancer. Our staff and volunteers provide compassionate care and counselling to patients and their families throughout their stay at the hospice.

For more information contact:
Patricia Lee
Director, Marketing and Development
Hospice Calgary

On June 1-2012 we send Hospice Calgary a cheque in the amount of $1300.00

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