Furnace Sales, Furnace Calgary, High Efficiency Furnace CalgaryProcuring a high-efficiency furnace is one of the best investments that an individual can make. This is because it helps in cutting electricity bills hence saving money. However, the main question is how much electricity can be saved by using a high-efficiency furnace at home? Most of the furnaces available are mid and low-efficiency furnaces. The furnace utilizes energy to deliver and produce heat. The heat that a furnace can produce with a certain amount of energy the better, furnace manufacturers aim at producing appliances that burn fuel efficiently and needs less power (normally electricity) to run the blowers and circulate heat to the house.

The yearly utilization of low-efficiency furnaces is at most 79% since they convert at most 709% of energy to heat from the fuel that they consume. The remaining energy is wasted but chimney or exhaust pipe. The mid-efficiency furnaces convert approximately 80-83% energy while high-efficiency furnaces convert 90% to 97% of energy to heat. This means that with the high-efficiency furnace, the homeowner can convert 90 to 97% of the energy to heat and lose only 3 to 10% of the energy that escapes through the chimney or exhaust. These happen to be very favorable results since they work in favor of the homeowner.

Although the initial cost of installing of high-efficiency furnaces is high, it is advisable for home and company owners to use it. This is mainly because the life of a unit is worth the cost of ownership that is usually more than 20 years. Also, a lot of money is saved in lighting and heating cost over the year.  The most appropriate way od explaining the amount of electricity that a high-efficiency furnace can save in a home is by comparing the annual fuel utilization: efficiency AFUE of the old and new efficiency furnace. A homeowner is able to save between 12 to 18% depending on the installation process and model of the furnace. Electricity bills are known to be a burden to many companies and firm owners. However, with the use of a high-efficiency furnace, one consumes only a fifth of the power as compared when using the mid-efficiency or low- efficiency furnaces.

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Energy Star   Is an international standard for energy efficient consumer products originated in the United States.
Gas Furnaces  Furnace powered by gas.
High Efficiency  Best AFUE rating and energy saving feature.