Buying a high-efhigh efficency furnace, furnace Calgary, furnace salesficiency furnace is among the best investments that can be made in the 21st century. It helps cut on electricity bills saving money. The question has been how much electricity can a high-efficiency furnace save at home? Most of the furnaces available are mid or low-efficiency furnaces. The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency for low furnaces is 79% or less for models over 20 years old. They convert 79% or less energy to heat from the fuel they consume. The remaining percent is wasted by the exhaust pipe or the chimney. Mid-efficiency furnace converts 80-83% energy while the efficiency of high-efficiency furnaces is between 90 and 97%. There exist a gap between the high efficiency and mid-efficiency due to the changes and advancement in technology from a standard furnace condensing furnace. Condensing furnaces use the concept of condensing out water vapor to the chimney then recapturing the heat contained.

High-efficiency furnaces come with a lot of benefits to the user. However, the initial costs of installation are a bit high compared to other furnaces. The high prices should not turn down the buyer since the unit life is worth the cost of ownership which is typically 20 or more years. The initial cost may be high, but a lot of money will be saved heating and lighting costs in the coming years. Electricity bills have become a burden for most companies and homes to bear, A high-efficiency furnace consumes fifth power compared to mid and low-efficiency models. The consumption of energy is based on the climate severity and the home design.

The best way to explain how much electricity a high-efficiency furnace can save in a home is comparing the AFUE rate of the old furnace and the new high-efficiency furnace, a homeowner can save between 12 to 17% depending on the model and the installation process, so go to Hansen Plumbing to get a quote for a brand new high efficiency furnace.

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Energy Star   Is an international standard for energy efficient consumer products originated in the United States.
Gas Furnaces  Furnace powered by gas.
High Efficiency  Best AFUE rating and energy saving feature.