New furnace Calgary | Calgary Heating ServicesFurnace installation can be significant investment, but it’s a worthy project given the various benefits that come with it. Savings can be realized on utility bills and a homeowner will no longer have to worry about the inconveniences of a faulty system. Moreover, brand new units can deliver a more efficient performance.While furnace buying can be overwhelming given the array of options available, it does not have to be a daunting experience if one is well prepared. Here are several factors a homeowner should consider when choosing a new furnace Calgary.

  1. Furnace size

Picking the right sized heating system is absolutely important . If the furnace is too big, then it will turn on and off more frequently and could waste fuel, therefore increasing heating bills. If too small it won’t generate enough heat and could wear & tear more quickly because it has to work harder to meet the heat requirements. The proper size for a home can be determined by measuring indoor space, amount of insulation, number of windows and other factors. If needed , a homeowner can consult a heating professional to make the right decision.

  1. Fuel

There are gas furnaces , electric furnaces and oil furnaces , and they may vary in terms of costs and overall efficiency. Natural gas is widely available, relatively inexpensive and clean but requires delivery at a fee. On the other hand, electricity is both efficient and clean but can be very expensive to operate ─ resulting in high utility bills. Oil furnaces tend to burn less efficiently compared to other fuels and can leave a residue. The trick here is to check the fuel costs and see what is manageable.

  1. Programmable thermostat

One of the key features most homeowners look for when shopping for a new furnace Calgary is a programmable thermostat. By reducing the amount of work the unit does when people are away from home , the thermostat helps lower monthly bills. Each degree a homeowner turns down in an eight-hour period can actually reduce the heating costs by roughly 2 percent. Programmable thermostats should be a priority for anyone looking for an energy efficient furnace system.