Noise Furnace|Furnace Repair|Furnace CalgaryA noisy furnace can be a real nuisance, and its loudness may be attributed to several reasons. Primarily, furnace noise can be minimized by reducing sound transmission firsthand by isolating it from the home if possible at all. This is due to the fact that furnace rooms are typically surrounded by a system of pipes and ducts lining walls and ceilings, wherein the opening make it quite a challenge to totally eliminate any noise. Good thing is that the noise can be dealt with by furnace repair and effectively controlled through a myriad of ways.

No, turning the TV up to the max volume to drown it out is not solution at all, nor can the squeaks and bang or whistles be ignored. Mechanical defects should be addressed prior to improvising a sound reduction plan.

The best way to find out is to observe where the noises are coming from. When duct components have aged over time or rendered in poor state, the airflow passing through can emit unwanted noise. A dirty filter that has become clogged may be causing whistling sounds, which may also come from holes or gaps that have formed in the duct. Rattling can be due to loose parts and pieces, while squeaking can result to an improperly secured duct whether it was too tightly placed near the ceiling or not nailed correctly. In some cases, resizing it is required to allow more air to pass through the blower. Old or weakened motors tend to slightly bounce and shake during operation.

Prevention is always better than cure, and this is why regular maintenance is advisable to keep repairs at bay. It would be best to hire professionals such as Hansen Plumbing to ensure safety while fixing a furnace, and that it is shaped to its best condition to exhibits top performance. Their expertise and experience combined make way for accurate diagnosis of any furnace problem, and be able to implement the best possible furnace repair solution. Optimal efficiency is achieved which allows people to save themselves from frustration of unexpected repairs, undesirable and annoying noise, and save money too in the long run!