It is estimated that most homes in Calgary experience an average of 2 plumbing failures every year. When faced with such a predicament, the next course of action for most individuals is to look for competent Calgary plumbers to fix the problem. But did you know you can greatly reduce the number of plumbing failures and even their severity by use of some simple maintenance tips? Well, now you know. The following is an overview of some of the essential plumbing tips that when put in good use can bring about great results

Keep an eye out for impending disaster
In the world of plumbing, small leaks can lead to major problems for your plumbing system. As such, it would be in your best interest to keep an eye out for signs of plumbing failure such as leaking sinks, wet cabinets and even leaking faucets. Once spotted, contact a competent Calgary plumber so as to prevent the problem escalating to a major one

Eliminate problems early
As a rule, you should always ensure that potential failures are fixed at the earliest opportune moment. For small plumbing problems that require a little tightening, you can go ahead and fix but is generally recommended that you acquire the services of professional Calgary plumbers. This is because 6 out of 10 recorded cases of serious plumbing problems are generally as a result of a home owner trying to fix a leakage

Avoid flashing things down drains and toilets
Clogged drains and toilets are usually as a result of improper use of household utilities. As such, do no force things down the drain or toilet; use each utility for its intended purpose

Know what to do in case of an emergency
As a rule, you should be conversant with the location of the isolation valve for the main supply line. In the event of a pipe burst or other emergency, ensure you isolate the supply from the main line as you wait for professional Calgary plumbers
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