Gas water tank, hot water tanks, water tank CalgaryIn order of the gas water heater tank to function efficiently and properly, you need to perform certain simple maintenance and procedures. This article outlines simple maintenance procedures that you should follow at least one in six months to ensure that the gas water heater function properly for longer. Take a look at this Hansen Plumbing tips.

– Check the pressure valve.
Gas water heaters have a pressure valve wich acts as a safety device. When the tank over-pressurizes, the valve opens up ad releases the pressure, in case it fails to work properly, the pressure will build up making the tank explode.

1. Turn off the gas switch.
2. Shut down the water inlet to the tank.
3. Place a bucket to catch water from the water pressure relief valve.
4. Pull the trip lever to release the vapor and the water from the pressure valve. In case you do not hear a rush of air, consider replacing the valve.

– Flush the tank.
A lot of residue buildup in the tank with time and it reduces the efficiency of the water heater by clogging the water lines. You can avoid this problem by flushing the water tank once every six months.

1. Turn off the gas switch.
2. Shut the water inlet to the tank.
3. Connect a hose pipe to the drain valve of the tank and place the draining end on an area that cannot flood.
4. Shut down the drain valve, detach the pipe and also close the pressure valve.
5. Now close the hot water spigots, turn on the cold water inlet and switch on the gas for the water to heat up.

– Drips and leaks.
The pilot light is used to ignite the gas that heats the water and it may go off without you realizing it which means that there will be no hot water. If the pilot light goes off, just lit it again in order for the water to heat up. Before lighting the pilot light, ensure the gas is switched on.

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