Tankless water heaters can save up to 30% in energy costs due to their superior efficiency over tank models, making them a very wise choice for your home. However, when a tankless model begins to fail, the cost of replacing the unit can be daunting.

We recognize that customer satisfaction is the key to our success, and that, in this tough economy, keeping costs to a minimum is crucial. Therefore, at Hansen Plumbing, we are proud to offer you a secondary option. Refurbishing, reconditioning or repairing your existing unit can provide your home with many more years of efficient service, for a very affordable cost. If your tankless unit is starting to have issues or concerns, trust in our dedicated team of professionals to not only treat your water heater with care, but also, your wallet.



Some common signs of a failing tankless water heater are, no hot water, overheated water, underheated water, burner not igniting, ignition noisier than usual, low water pressure and/or fluctuations in water temperature causing cold or hot water bursts.

Poor water quality or pressure, ignition system errors, clogged intake or outflow lines, calcification, even tiny imperceivable leaks can be the cause of the poor performance of your water heater over time. Propper diagnosis is key to correctly refurbishing your unit. Your entire system must be thoroughly inspected.



We, at Hansen Plumming work throughout North America to serve our customers in the most efficient and professional manner. Whether gas or electric, our water heater professionals are experts in evaluation, diagnostics and repair. We only use new manufacturer approved replacement parts and procedures and guarantee your satisfaction with our service and your reconditioned unit.

Hansen Plumbing can refurbish your tankless water heater to original, out of the box, condition, adding years to the life of your unit and saving you the expensive costs of replacement. We care about our customers, and are dedicated to providing you with the most affordable, efficient, and long-lasting solutions to your home water heating concerns.