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Whilst replacing your boiler with new one certainly hits your pocket, there are many benefits that come along with the upgrading of your central heating system and especially if you don’t have thermostatic radiator valves on your system. Some of the benefits of Bosch boilers include and not limited to the following.

Improved Boiler Efficiency

A study by the energy savings trust has indicated that the central heating boiler raises your household energy bills for up to 60%. Bosch boilers are A rated and this means that their energy efficiency is 90% or more, unlike the older counterparts which are normally rated with G.
Bosch’s Green Gas Condensing runs on low operating costs and delivers a reliable performance with low emissions.

Improved Heating Control

Using a room thermostat and a heating controller with TRVs, will allow you to set the temperature in your rooms separately. The Buderus Gas Conventional Boilers offers an outstanding heating control, backed by centuries of experience. People often prefer to sleep in areas that are slightly cooler than the living room and by using the Buderus Gas Conventional Boilers, comfort levels can be improved.

Quieter Boiler Operation

Due to the improved designs with modern technologies and better use of materials, new boilers are significantly quieter compared to the older boilers. Residential Bosch condensing boilers brings you an ingenious combination of a quieter, environmentally­friendly and modern boiler.
Quieter boilers bring comfort especially when the boiler is sited close to the walls of your bedroom.