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Carbon reduction

Buderus boiler technology is designed to use renewable energy thus helping in the reduction of CO2 emissions. By replacing the old boilers with the new condensing or high efficiency boiler systems, business and homeowners can look forward to make substantial savings on fuel bills and carbon.

Highly efficient

The technology behind Buderus boilers makes them highly efficient as they have condensing mechanism that traps heat from steam. This heat normally goes to waste when using other technologies.

Offers a modulating burner

The burner technology is equipped with a modulating burner that perfectly matches heating requirements with fuel usage with maximum efficiency.

Easy installation

Another benefit of Buderus boilers is that they are easy to both install and maintain. The process does not take long and the cost of maintenance is always minimal.

Quiet operation

The operation of high­efficiency Buderus boilers is extremely quiet unlike other traditional boilers which are known to be noisy and uncomfortable.

These are some of the benefits of Buderus boilers and users can expect to reap big with their installation. In addition to the above benefits, it is good to know that the technology comes with multiple venting options and therefore the boilers can be mounted almost anywhere. In case more output is required, multiple units can easily be interconnected. Buderus boilers are available in different sizes thus making it easy for business and home owners to choose based on their needs.