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Hansen Plumbing offers different models and types of Boilers among which the Laars Mini-Therm and Laars NeoTherm boilers are the most renowned ones. Usually, the benefits of Laars Boilers are countless and they are known for their high performance and low current consumption.
The Mini­Therm Laars boilers are trustworthy, gas­operated hydronic boilers that come with a compact design and small footstep. They come in different sizes that range from 50 to 225 MBH with a maximum of 85% annual fuel utilization efficiency, making them the ideal economic and ecologically responsible option.

The NeoTherm Laars boilers are high­efficient hydronic residential boilers that are the latest ones, designed with the condensing heat exchanger know­how. These boilers operate with more than 95 % efficiency, and offer low Nitrogen Oxide emissions and they are the Energy Star rating appliances. These features make them an excellent option for both the homeowner and the environment. They are available in different sizes that range from 80 to 210 MBH and they employ Classs IV venting.

Some of the other benefits of Laars Boilers include:

­ They are very popular with homeowners due to their high performance.
­ These boilers offer a new striking and simple­to­service jacket.
­ They are renowned for their economy.
­ All models of Laars Boilers are available with an incorporated draft diverter and automatic emit damper to bring your high fuel payments to an end by fading up the vent in wasted heat.