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1. A Boiler for Every Situation
Lochinvar offers a wide range of boilers for both residential and commercial applications. This includes Solution heating boiler, Cadet heating boiler and Knight heating boiler. Others are Crest condensing boiler, Outdoor knight boiler and SYNC condensing boiler.

2. Network of Skilled, Licensed Team
The team at Lochinvar has attained full training and accreditation to deal in the specific boilers.
Lochinvar also boasts of an extensive team of distributors, US sales representatives, international sales representatives, national account services and service contractors.

3. High Standards of Manufacture
Lochinvar products are renowned for their energy efficiency and minimal impact on the environment. As early as 1991, the company was already complying with emission limits, at a time when even NOx Regulations had not taken effect in most states.

More on the benefits of Lochinvar boilers is that they have impressive thermal efficiency. For example, the Crest condensing boilers have thermal efficiency of up to 99%.

Lochinvar boilers are made using modern technology that ensures both sustainability and energy efficiency. Having earned the EPA’s qualification as a Small Quantity Generator (SQG), Lochinvar is definitely a reliable source of boilers.

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