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The Trinity boiler is one of the ideal appliances for heating water for domestic use. It is economical in terms of bills and space; it occupies a small space. It is the most efficiency boiler with a 98% efficiency index. Additionally, it does not produce noise while boiling or heat the water. It is one of the quietest boilers in the market today. It is an eco­friendly boiler, one of the most environmentally friendly boilers on the market.

The manufacturers of Trinity boilers have designed them in a way that the boilers have a sealed combustion and direct vent to regulate the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere. In fact, the boiler emits less 80% less nitrous oxide and 90% less carbon monoxide into the air. They are compatible with any other type of hydronic air handler, baseboard radiator, or in­floor radiant heating system. Also, is the most suitable for custom radiant heating including snowmelt and the heated towel racks.

User­friendly: the Trinity boiler is efficient, eco­friendly and economical. It reduces the costly standby losses by eliminating the noises emanating from combustion. Its wall mount configuration helps to save space. Also, all the connections are well located at suitable positions for the ease of installations.
Ample water heating: the boiler has a high capacity heat exchanger coil that provides ample water hot waterfall domestic uses.
Flexibility: the design of Trinity water boilers is more flexible as compared to other boiler models on the market. They are compatible with hot water tank sensors.