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Hansen Plumbing have a variety of boilers. With years of experience in the designing and manufacturing of hydronic comfort heating systems for commercial, residential and institutional buildings since 1881, there are very many benefits of Weil Mclain Boilers. First and foremost, the manufacturers, Weil­Mclain, have years of experience in this market segment. This experience is usually brought to bear through the superior workmanship displayed in the products offered by the company; building on a reputation of innovation and quality by continuously creating simplified solutions for this complex world.

Other benefits of Weil Mclain Boilers include but are not limited to the product basket offered by the company. It does offer a wide range of energy efficient, high quality, oil and gas fired boilers for residential heating purposes. It also offers oil fired, gas fired and a combination of gas/oil boilers which are ideal for commercial use such as in casinos, restaurants and hotels. This does ensure that irrespective of the size and needs of your residence or commercial building; there is a Weil­McLain boiler just for you.

Weil –McLain boilers are also sold with limited warranties, this ensures that incase of any failure that’s within the warranty conditions then you will be compensated as set out. It is important to note though that warranty items must always be returned through the local area wholesale distributor because the company does not accept warranty items directly from heating contractors or consumers.