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One of the main advantages of Tankless water heaters – AO Smith Tankless Water Heaters brands in particular is the fact that they offer endless hot water using some of the most energy efficient methods available. The brand achieves this by implementing outdoor and indoor designs that take up less space and therefore allow for additional flexibility and storage. They also have maximum flow rates of 14.5 GPM; it is also quite noteworthy that the heat exchangers are constructed using 316 stainless steel and HRS35 commercial grade copper; this protects them against instances of corrosion.

Most if not all Tankless water heaters­ AO Smith Brand included usually include non-condensing and condensing units to fit the needs of any homeowner. In the case of A.O. Smith brands, the water heater does feature what is known as Ultra –Low NOx condensing technology which provides a rather unprecedented 0.95 EF (Energy Factor). All the models also meet ENERGY STAR ® qualifications and standards.

The non­condensing, fully modulating heaters also feature a power vented flue and a sealed combustion. Apart from simply providing hot water for domestic use, these units are quite versatile and can be used with recirculation systems, storage tanks, radiant floor heating systems, hydronic heating systems as well as combined heating and domestic applications.

The A.O Smith brand does place a lot of emphasis and importance on the overall safety of its clientele. The company has achieved this by incorporating highly advanced safety features into each and every model. Some of the safety measures taken include the use of Air –fuel ratio sensors to monitor and help maintain proper combustion by adjusting the fan motor speed. This ensures that the fuel and air ratio is at an optimum so as to maximize efficiency and minimize emissions.

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