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Tankless water heaters are undoubtedly advantageous compared to traditional tank systems.

Some of the benefits associated with the new tankless heating technology include:

· Tankless water heating technology is cheaper since one does not need to keep water in a continuous cycle to keep is hot as is the case with tank water heating system. This simply translates into higher savings on energy bills.

· Tankless technology is environmentally friendly since it does not result in high CO2 emissions. In addition, tankless systems do not have land fill costs associated with the outdated throw away of tank heating systems since all Bosch tankless heaters parts are both recyclable and replaceable.

· Bosch tankless water heaters are more energy efficient considering that tank heaters have to burn 30 percent longer to keep the water in the tank hot. It’s cheaper to operate a tankless heater which doesn’t require any prior heating for people to bath or use hot water

· Tankless water heaters are cheap to operate and maintain since they have no tank. The fact that their burners do not need to keep running means reduced wear and tear.

With adequate water supply, tankless water heaters – Bosch are easy to use and maintain. The fact that they guarantee instantaneous hot water on demand has made them a suitable option for both residential and commercial users.