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At Takagi, the tankless heaters are designed to provide their customers with en endless supply of hot water, no matter when or how long they should need it. When called upon, it only takes a few seconds for the water to reach the temperature required, and then virtually an unlimited amount of hot water is available for usage.

Despite, or perhaps because of the aforementioned feature, the Takagi tankless water heaters are extremely energy­efficient. They, as opposed to traditional tank­type heaters that work by storing heaps of hot water no matter the usage, activate only when there is a need for hot water, remaining dormant otherwise. Thus, since all the power the tankless heaters require is usage-conditioned, there is no stand­by heat loss on their part.
In addition to that, they come in compact sizes, requiring much less space in order to properly run. It is also possible for them to be installed on walls and thus free up the household space of any potential customer.

Speaking of sizes, the Takagi tankless water heaters come in a wide range of them, each being suitable for a particular purpose. While the traditional heater measure size in terms of the storage capacity, the tankless ones value a different standard of it – that of the hot water flow rate. The parameters worth considering when selecting a size of the heater are: the types of application, gallons per hour requirements, and the scenarios in which extreme temperature rise is concerned.
Coupled with the expertise of Hansen plumbing professionals, the long­established devotion to quality Takagi is known for is sure to shine in all their heaters.