Plumbing|Plumbing Repair|Plumbing CalgaryMost homeowners are no stranger to common plumbing problems. These problems can be very frustrating to repair, even if you know what the problem is and can access it easily. You need a professional who has the expertise and skills to fix the problem without any mishaps.

Here, we will discuss some of the common plumbing problems encountered by homeowners.

Low water pressure- This is one of the most common residential problems your plumber is likely to encounter in a given day. Weak water pressure from the faucet can be due to- a clogged aerator or calcified pipes. The clogged aerator can be cleaned to remove any accumulated debris. For calcified pipes, the homeowner will have to re-pipe the entire house.

Gurgling drains- Gurgling drains is the sound of air bubbles coming from the main drain and escaping out of the nearest hole. This gurgling noise can be caused by blocked drain or vent pipe, or a partial clog or blockage along the sewer line. To clear vent pipe or blocked drain, professional help is needed. The plumber will first look out for any accumulated debris, dirt or leaves in the vent line and clean it with the help of plumbing tools.

Dripping faucet- Another common problem is of dripping faucet. Dripping faucet indicates that something is wrong with the washers. Leaky faucet can be fixed at home, whereas if the entire faucet assembly needs to be replaced, you need to call a professional.

Clogged sink- Of all the plumbing problems, this one is the most annoying. Bathroom or kitchen sink can get clogged due to accumulation of toothpaste, hair, whiskers or other debris around pop-up stoppers. If the problem is located in the pop-up plug, you just have to empty the accumulated waste and clean the plug. However, if the gunk ball is located in the sink trap or down the drain, then a plumber will be required to open the entire draining system to clear the blockage.

No hot water- Nothing is more annoying than a broken water heater during chilly winters. The water heater failure can be due to failed thermostats, failed gas valve, failed heating elements etc. The issues with water heater will also depend upon the type of water heater you own. For safety reasons, call professionals to diagnose the issue related to water heater.