water leak|plumbing repair|plumbing service|plumbing CalgaryWater leaks can be an expensive affair if not fixed quickly. Only rarely do water pipes fail catastrophically without a build-up; usually, a weakness in plumbing makes its presence felt and heard very early on in the problem, and ample opportunities exist for the problem to be addressed economically.

So, you have a water leak – what is the best temporary solution for a water leak?

The easiest solution for a water leak is to switch off the mains water supply. However, ‘easiest’ is not always ‘best’. True, turning off the supply will stop the water flowing almost immediately, but this solution is not always practical. It means that the entire line serviced from the turn-off point will now be deprived of water. Instead of a solution on its own, turning off the mains supply is effective as the very first response when a pipe failure is causing damage by the second and an immediate step is required to halt the water flow.

So, the water flow has now stopped. The time has come to investigate the leak to determine what, in fact, will be the best solution. Before anything else, it is best to dry the area around the leak before inspection to make the environment more conducive to effective assessment. Firstly, this will allow the examiner to be more comfortable. Secondly, it will ensure that any water that pools subsequently can be traced directly to the source.

The initial assessment has been done and the location of the leak has been accurately identified. Now, it is time for the best solution, which depends on the type and size of the leak:

  • If it is at a joint between adjacent sections of pipe, the best solution would be to replace the rubber seal between them.
  • If the leak can be attributed to a crack, the best solution is to form a putty using Epoxy and apply it to the crack, Remember not to turn the supply on until the Epoxy has had a chance to harden (refer to the manufacturer’s instructions). This also applies to the scenario above.
  • A strip of rubber may be wrapped around the area of the leak and secured tightly with clamps until a permanent solution is put in place.

The answer to ‘What is the best temporary solution for a water leak?’ can be summarized as Epoxy, but the auxiliary methods have to also be applied for a comprehensive solution.

The very essence of this article is a focus on a temporary solution. No such solution will hold indefinitely – the essential subsequent step is that you contact a professional company like Hansen Plumbing to provide you with a lasting high-qualty solution.